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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of being aware in the present which enables us to respond creatively to our circumstances, however challenging. It is kindly & ethical, teaching us how to change our relationship with ourselves and others. 


We may experience our thoughts and emotions as something we just are - something that won't change - something that is "us". We can, however, learn to experience them much more as like the weather - events that come and go, passing quickly or slowly like the clouds.


Sometimes the hullabaloo in our head is like a gale blowing through - seeming to overwhelm us and perhaps those around us. 

Our experience is as fluid

as flowing water. 

And it is as powerful for the possibility of changing ourselves and our circumstances.


Thoughts are not facts - they are mental events which we can learn to steer, guide, influence & cultivate.


Mindfulness teaching also helps us to be understanding and kind when we don't manage to be mindful, when life and its challenges seem overwhelming.

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