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A Mandala of Mindfulness

The Alexander Technique and Mindfulness 

Based Health Programmes

This article describes a research project undertaken in my final year at Alexander Training College. I trained with Carolyn Nicholls who developed a link between her STAT training course and the Open College Network. The project grew out of the "research project" element of the assessment programme.

I submitted a 7,000 word essay on my practical teaching which included the theoretical background of the issues I was addressing. I also presented the paper as a talk at college.

The project brings together two approaches to health that have been of crucial importance to me personally. It grew out of my interest and personal practice. There is a burgeoning of "Mindfulness" work in the health and social care professions. My experience of Alexander Technique is that it is a form of mindfulness training which has a great deal to offer the "mindfulness community".

I hope that it may contribute to a developing conversation between the Alexander Technique community of teachers and Mindfulness trainers.

I welcome any comments and feedback and opportunities for taking this research further.

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