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The Alexander Technique with Cherry Collins: Testimonials

"Taragita has an authentic connection to this subtle but powerful work. For the first time in my adult life I have experienced freedom from tension and the lightness of flowing from one movement to the next.

Over the months Taragita has skillfully dropped in instructions at a pace that they are able to be absorbed. I find myself remembering her words sometimes as I am walking down the street or sitting in a cafe and am able to experience ease and length in my spine.

I am very grateful to have met her."


Lewes, East Sussex.

"I found Alexander Technique was very helpful to rethink about my habitual postures. I have a light scoliosis problem and I thought it could be only fixed by physical exercises or surgical methods.


However, Alexander Technique showed me a new way of thinking and made me relax with my body and strengthen the connection between my body and mind. Imagination is the essence of Alexander Technique (in my opinion) but it is not easy.


However, Taragita was a great teacher who was always kind and willing to help me understand Alexander Technique better.


I'm grateful for her kindness."



Yi hyun Kang.

MSc student at Sussex University Brighton

"I have really enjoyed and benefitted from my sessions with Taragita. She always makes her teaching clear and accessible, and it's tailored to my needs on the day. I have ME as well as muscle tension/tightness.

I come away from sessions feeling more fluid and energised. Over time I've found that what I've learnt filters into daily life, and this helps me further.

I would highly recommend her."




"I have been suffering from chronic illness for about 8 years which involves pain and tension throughout the body but I have also had long-standing posture problems due to my height and scoliosis.


I found out about Alexander Technique in practice during the Breathworks course run by Cherry which I attended in 2013.


I decided to follow this up with a course of Alexander Technique with Cherry, primarily as a way to maximise the chances for recovery from illness but also to improve my posture and achieve healthier control of my body. I have found the course particularly useful and enlightening in making myself more aware of my posture and how to reduce stress in the body particularly in the neck and shoulders. I also found this really useful when meditating either sitting or lying down in the semi-supine position. Cherry was keen to provide me with extra information as the course went along and I really appreciated her calm, understanding approach.



Sam H



"The Alexander Technique allows me to feel lighter and freer in my body. Old habits of holding on in parts of my body are gently released.


It feels like I am literally coming home to my body and with that, to my world, to my life. It is helping me to feel alive and happy.


The Alexander approach helps me to really value my body. It is like embarking on a life long journey with a trusted friend, my body.


I feel more relaxed, lighter and easier in my body. In a profound sense, the body holds many secrets waiting to be re-discovered.


It is like returning to a childhood sense of wonder at it all."  


Yoga and meditation teacher


“I read an article about shrinking in older age, and how Alexander Technique can help you regain an inch or two, and help with standing up straight and not stooping.

I researched the people in my area who offered this, and so luckily , found Cherry Collins. She offered to come to my home which I accepted, but does do groups.


Cherry explained the Alexander Technique and showed me how to help my posture and aches and pains.


My walking and standing and posture have improved  amazingly after only four sessions. She made me understand how my anatomy works. I would recommend her. She is considerate and caring and soothing."





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