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About Cherry Collins

Cherry Collins is an Alexander Technique Teacher and Mindfulness Trainer 
based near Brighton and Eastbourne
in Sussex, England.
I teach the Alexander Technique and mindfulness from my own experience as part of my daily practice for health.
I first started practising mindfulness in 1986 and Alexander Technique in 1994.
I  came to the Alexander technique when it was recommended to me by an Osteopath in the early 1990s for lower back and neck pain. My pain went away. I later renewed my practice to help live creatively with chronic fatigue syndrome/ ME & develop my love of singing. I qualified in 2011 as a teacher with STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique),
in the Carrington tradition. I trained with Carolyn Nicholls at the Brighton Alexander Technique College.
I found AT and Mindfulness for Health so beneficial that I trained to be an Alexander Technique Teacher and a Breathworks Trainer so I can share these skills with others. I teach as someone who works with these practices daily in my own life. I know their value and the help they can offer in the midst of difficulty. I also teach meditation and Buddhism and am an ordained member of the Triratna Buddhist Order (my ordained name is Taragita).
I have a background in social work (MSc London: CQSW) and an Honours degree in Theology and Religious Studies from the University of Cambridge. I left social work to train for ordination, live in community and work in Buddhist "Right Livelihood business".

Our lives can be seen as a mandala - ever changing in pattern and colour. We weave our own patterns through our lives. The activities which I have engaged in have led me to develop this teaching practice " Mindful Living Skills".


My Buddhist name is inspired by the Indian figure of Tara - in particular White Tara who has eyes in her hands and feet, sensitive, aware & kindly.  Gita means song & more specifically devotional song. I was given the name because of my appreciation of Tara and love of singing.


You can see here a Nepalese picture of Tara - at the centre of a mandala.  In this mandala she is surrounded by blue sky - infinite possibility. People who engage with AT and mindfulness practices are creating & enhancing their own personal mandala of discovery.  


See my article: "A mandala of mindfulness" for more

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