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The Alexander Technique: Research Evidence

There is a growing body of scientific evidence which demonstrates that Alexander Technique is effective. 

Details on the titles below are
on the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique website





My small research project while a student is a first step into this area.
Available on this website in the "Article" section. I would like to take this much further and welcome any interest in doing so. While this is anecdotal, rather than rigourously scientific, the individual stories shed light on teaching Alexander Technique alongside practising Mindfulness for Health skills.


'Anecdotal' evidence, although not scientifically proven, is still important.
It is the stories of individuals who have been helped by the Technique.
Sometimes people's lives are transformed by this invaluable self help method.
It can be practised all the time - whatever we are doing - so we can create our own mini-laboratory any time any where.


"What do I notice?" "Shall I explore this - and what happens?".
These are questions we can ask ourselves at the train station or bus stop, supermarket checkout or gym; walking, running or gardening.
Or even in front of a computer or mobile phone!


You may like to look at my article "My Alexander journey" or the story of one of my pupils who kindly kept a diary for me (see Articles).

Another great way to find out more is to read the books of other people who have benefitted from learning the technique. Lulie Westfeldt is a great example (see reference below).


Some of these books can be bought over the internet at  for example:


Dr Wilfred Barlow ed ( Mouritz 2005) "More Talk of Alexander: Aspects of the Alexander Technique"


Frank Pierce Jones in "Freedom to Change: The development and science of the Alexander Technique"

(Mouritz 1997: 106-137; first published in 1976 as 'Body Awareness in Action")


Lulie Westfeldt: F Matthias Alexander. The Man and his Work. Memoirs of training in the Alexander Technique 1931-34. (Mouritz 1998; first published 1964 Allen & Unwin, London/Associated Bookseller, Westport Connecticut, USA.)

This is the personal story of Lulie Westfeldt who had polio as a child & later trained with FM Alexander. Ms Westfeldt taught AT in the USA for 26 years.

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