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My early experience of mindfulness came through Buddhism. After I developed ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
I began to use it as part of my own health management for living well with the illness. I was delighted when Vidyamala and friends developed the Breathworks approach & their clear and accessible programmes. Their courses can be helpful to anyone whatever their beliefs or lifestyle.


Breathworks  incorporates teaching of mindfulness based on ancient tradition with the best in modern health care.


Breathworks provide excellent courses for people suffering all kinds of pain, illness and stress.


I have participated in Breathworks courses myself  - in person and online & know they work.

I teach their courses, with the understanding gained from many years of mindfulness practice and Alexander Technique.    
I introduce the Alexander Technique as part of mindful movement in my courses.

Mindfulness : Testimonials

"I have been suffering from a chronic illness for 8 years and looking for therapies to help with issues such as anxiety and depression which were making my condition worse. I was also becoming more interested in meditation and wanted to explore aspects of that further. I was then told about Breathworks via my NHS Health in Mind therapist - I was lucky and really glad that Cherry was running a Breathworks course in Rottingdean in 2013 and I signed up. Cherry was an excellent course leader and facilitator for the sessions which included people with a wide range of health problems. Her calm, patient and understanding approach made everyone feel comfortable and able to participate. I especially liked the way Cherry brought in aspects of her training and experience in other disciplines and used them to full effect in the Breathworks sessions, for example the Alexander Technique semi-supine position which made bodyscans so much more comfortable and effective. It was also fantastic that Cherry offered a free follow-up session where we could benefit again from guided meditation and bodyscans, and catch up on progress."

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