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Cherry Collins

The Alexander 
 and Mindfulness are separate skills.
They complement
each other well.
You are welcome
to learn
either or both skills with me.
Society of Teachers of The Alexander Tec
The Alexander Technique

For naturally good posture : improving coordination, enhancing performance, poise and calm. AT is Mindfulness in Action and helps reduce pain and live well with Chronic illness. read more

Mindfulness for health

Choose awareness in the present moment : non-judgemental, kindly clarity helps us make wiser choices for living well with stress or chronic pain. read more

I am not able to offer Alexander Technique lessons in person at the moment. A Mindfulness and Alexander Technique course is on-line in a small group. You can see details about my course here. If you are interested in on-line individual Alexander Technique please contact Cherry to discuss.

Cherry is part of the teaching team at the Brighton Buddhist Centre on some Saturday mornings. If you would like to know about online classes for Brighton and Eastbourne Cherry is happy to talk with you about it on the phone or see the Brighton Buddhist Centre website.

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Meditation and Buddhism

Buddhism and meditation course

Principles of Buddhism, Meditation and
reflection for 21st Century. 
Buddhism sees an interconnected and vibrant world where individual choice matters. Explore key themes from early Buddhist texts. Based mainly on the book "This being, That becomes" by Dhivan Thomas Jones.
It will be necessary to purchase the book (ebook or print).

Please contact Cherry if you are interested in a future course